{{}}Instant AriaTemplates


{macro main()}
    <h1>Hello Instant Aria Templates</h1>
    {section {
        bindRefreshTo: [{to:"toggle", inside:this.indata}],
        macro: {name: "myMacro", scope : this}
    } /}
    <div {on tap {fn: tapCB, scope: this}/}>Reset</div>

{macro myMacro()}
    {if this.indata.toggle}
    <div {on tap {fn: tapCB, scope: this}/}>Tap me</div>
    <input {on click {fn: inputCB, scope: this}/} />

Template Script

    $prototype : {
      $dataReady: function () {
        this.indata = {toggle: true}  
      tapCB: function(evt) {
          aria.utils.Json.setValue(this.indata,"toggle", !this.indata.toggle);
      inputCB: function() {
          alert("Click on input !!!");

CSS Template

{macro main()}

Data Model


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