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{macro main()} <button {on click "updateModelBad" /}>Update counter</button> <button {on click "updateModelBetter" /}>Update counter (better)</button> <br> Counter has value of: {@aria:Text { text : this.data.counter, bind : { text : { inside: this.data, to: "counter" } } }/} {/macro}

Template Script

({ $classpath:'InstantTemplateScript', $prototype : { updateModelBad: function() { // just updates the value in data model // won't trigger all the updates defined through data binding this.data.counter++; alert("counter is " + this.data.counter); }, updateModelBetter: function() { // better, this will trigger all the refreshes this.$json.setValue(this.data, "counter", this.data.counter + 1); alert("counter is " + this.data.counter); } } })

CSS Template

{macro main()} {/macro}

Data Model

{ "counter": 0 }

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